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I strive to produce wines that reflect not only their terroir, but also me and who I am

Frédérique Vaquer
Winegrower at Tresserrein Roussillon – Aspres terroir


A century of history

It all started back in 1912, with my husband Bernard’s great grandfather. He had a business selling “tartrates and lees”, and he bought the estate for his daughter, who later married Fernand Vaquer (I refer to him as “Fernand I” because his son has the same first name as him).


I love the Aspres hills with their canopy of vines and garrigue* criss-crossed with gullies containing intensely-green copses. I wasn’t born here but I feel I belong here. It is where I chose to live and start a family.

The Spirit

And yes! I am Burgundian… and an oenologist. Maybe that’s why I’m told that my reds “pinotent”!

But I rather like the idea of an “indefinable link” because vintages prior to my arrival already had this particularity.

Our Wines

Esquisse 2023

Post-Scriptum 1995

L’Extrait 2015, Rivesaltes Grenat

Muscat de Rivesaltes 2023

L’Ephémère 2019

Epsilon 2015-2016