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I love these Aspres hills covered with vines and scrubland and criss-crossed with small ravines that are so many very green groves. I wasn’t born here, but I feel at home here. This is where I chose to live, to start a family.

The 17 hectares of the estate are situated at an altitude of 200 metres, below the place called “Pla del Rey”, site of the historic battle known as “Le Boulou” in 1794 (pieces of cannon balls or bayonets were found while ploughing!!).

“The grapes were picked between 12 and 13°,” Fernand tells us. I assembled the Carignan and Grenache grapes in the vat, and we pressed them a month later. The wine stayed in the vat for two years, never saw the wood. I made the wine at my own discretion”.

I like this balcony position overlooking the Roussillon plain, the sea in the distance.

I often hear people talk to me about the Canigou, but I especially like the panoramic view of the Albères, this last massif of the Pyrenees chain, between the Perthus pass and the sea, with its shades of bluish grey at the end of the day.

Of course, there is the wind, the tramontane. At the beginning, it put my nerves on edge. Little by little, however, it was reversed. In the winter, I would go out to cut the syrah all bundled up, big jumper, parka, hat, hood… The fact of being outside, so heckled by the wind, you get back to your job, it refocuses you, and imagination takes over.
Today the wind calms me down.